Are you prefer traveling with family or friends?

What's your traveling style?

Which of your purpose?

Which Travel Destination Best Fits Your Personality
1. Frano
2. Marchen Hill
3. Abashiri Prison
4. Mt. Asahidake
5. Sapporo Ramen Republic
6. Esan tsutsuji Park
7. Noboribetsu-Hakodate Jomon Culture Center
8.Okurayama-Otaru Canal
9.Gourmet of Rishiri Island
10.Niseko hot spring village
11.Hakodate morning market
12.Shirogane Blue Pond
13.soup curry
14.Furano lavender
15.Former Hokkaidō Government Office
16.Night view of Mt. Hakodate
17.Obihiro sweets
18.Zerubu Hill
19.Kushiro River canoe experience
20.Cherry blossoms at Higashimokotoshibazakura
21.Lucky Pierrot
22.Lake Tōya
23.Lake toya ranch
24.Mt. Moiwa night view

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