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Hi, I'm Arisa!

I’ll be visiting some must-see places in Kyushu and Okinawa. Best part is, you vote for the places you wish to go and I’ll get there!

Scenic nature, culture and gastronomical wonders of Fukuoka for a start.

I am now in Fukuoka and I just visited the amazing beach paradise, Sakurai Futamigaura during the sunset period and witness the wonderful view of ‘blue hour’. Right now, I am heading to Nakasu Yatai Street to try some local delicacies. I cannot wait to eat them all!

Besides of street gourmet, I am going to try Motsunabe for tomorrow dinner! Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of Japan’s most important Shinto shrines that have lasted for more than a thousand years, is also one of my destination and I wish that I am able to draw a “Excellent Fortune” there!! This trip is off to a great start!

Where you voted for previously!
Saga 39%
Nagasaki 31%
Oita 30%

Hi, I'm Arisa!

Saga is a great choice, and I know I will have some relaxing yet fun time here!

Experience beauty and be beautiful at Saga

I just arrived in Saga yesterday and I am pretty sure that Saga will not fail to amaze me in the next few days. The Ureshino Onsen really made me feel like the goddess of beauty. This hot spring water is truly magical for skin beauty and my skin looks like newborn baby right now! I am having my second dinner in Saga and I just couldn’t resist the sweetness of fresh Yobuko squid and the rich flavour of Takezaki crabs.

For a rich autumn experience, I am going to take a look at the fiery fall leaves at Mifuneyama Rakuen and I think it will be a wondrous treat for my eyes. The Yutoku Inari Shrine is another must-see spot because it’s one of the “Japan’s Three Major Inari Shrine”. I am thinking of getting a lucky charm for my career there!

Easily reached by land, sea and air, dynamic Kyushu is bubbling with energy, culture and activity.

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