JR West

The long-awaited luxury high-speed sightseeing cruiser “SEA SPICA” located at Hiroshima Prefecture has finally launched in summer 2020. In this collaboration between JR-WEST and Setonaikaikisen Group, SEA SPICA aims to showcase spectacular views of the many islands within the Seto Inland Sea, allowing all passengers to enjoy brand new cruise sightseeing experience!

With SEA SPICA, you can travel to Hiroshima (Okunoshima) Rabbit Island, the paradise for bunny lovers! It is famous for its large population of rabbits and you can get to encounter bunnies in most areas of the island. As most of the bunnies are well cared for, visitors to the island are encouraged to buy food and feed these adorable creatures that are so used to human contact. Just be ready to run as they are prone to chase when you run out of food.

Fascinate your eyes with millions of tulips at Toyama Prefecture! Every spring (late April and early May), Tonami city hosts a festival to display its expansive official flowers, tulips that are neatly arranged into broad rows of red, yellow and orange colours. With its overwhelming colourful scenery, the observation decks offer 360-degree panoramas, giving visitors the best spot to take best shot of this landscape.

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