TOYOTA Rent a Car

TOYOTA Rent a Car Actions for the Prevention of Infection

We are working on hygiene management of employees, vehicles and shops in order for our valued customers to be able to use our rental car with peace of mind.

We will also continue to make further improvements.

In addition to the normal safety and cleanliness measures, the following measures are taken to prevent new coronavirus infection.

・In addition to the regular cleaning, the door handle, steering wheel, shift lever, car navigation system, seat belt, seat, etc. that are frequently touched are carefully wiped off to remove bacteria

・Vehicle disinfection apart from wiping, such as disinfection spray

・Cleaning completion notice tool in the vehicle to visualize the completion of cleaning and sterilization

・Clean frequently used counters and shared ballpoint pens with disinfectant

・Placing alcohol solution for hand disinfection at the entrance and inside the shop

・Frequent ventilation in the shop (about twice every hour)

・Open the window of the shuttle bus and ventilate inside the car by taking outside air from the air conditioner

・Measures to prevent droplet transmission with a vinyl sheet or acrylic board

・Use a coin tray for receiving and giving licenses, credit cards, cash, etc.

・Employees wearing masks and frequently washing hands


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