Prince Hotels & Resorts


We, the Prince Hotels & Resorts, have developed the Prince Safety Commitment as a new protocol for hygiene and disinfection to be applied to all our hotels under our brands. 

This new protocol will enable us to provide our guests with safe and clean environment to enjoy their stay with us.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you back with safe and clean environment ready by the time our guests start travelling again.

The high standards of hygiene and disinfection for the Prince Safety Commitment are as follows.

  1. Stronger measures for employee hygiene.
  2. Health check for hotel guests, dining guests at restaurants, golfing guests and skiing guests.
  3. Promotion of new measures for cleaning and disinfection.

For example, installation sanitizer, stronger measures for disinfection at our restaurants and introduction of “Safety stickers”.

  1. Thorough countermeasures to prevent the droplet spread.

For example, installation of droplet spread prevention screens and ensuring a social distancing.


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