JR Shikoku

Let ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass fulfil ALL your travel needs!

With ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass, you can access all JR-Shikoku facilities, including railways, ferries, trams and buses. These services are available at four different counties in Shikoku area, which are Tokushima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, and Kochi Prefecture. You can choose from a 3-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day or 7-Day pass.

The best way to visit Oboke Gorge, located at Tokushima Prefecture, is by taking a genuine sightseeing specialty train: SHIKOKU MANNAKA SENNEN MONOGATARI. The authentic interior was inspired by Japanese aesthetic and decorated with traditional Japanese house theme. With this privilege, you get to enjoy the beauty inside and outside the train, especially the rocks and a V-shaped valley, which can be seen closely through the window. In addition, you are required to purchase a reserved seat (Green Class pass) to enjoy this wonderful experience!

Onsen (hotsprings) is definitely a to-do in Japan and you must try Dōgo Onsen at Ehime Prefecture. It is known as one of the oldest hotsprings in Japan and it is said to have inspired the bathhouse in the renowned Ghibli movie – Spirited Away. Dōgo Onsen Honkan (Main Building) is a public bath with a three-story wooden structure and is designated as a national important cultural property. Besides, Dogo Onsen also known as the oldest hot spring in Japan, and has been visited by the most prestigious imperial family in Japan since ancient times! To get here, you can use the pass and depart from JR Matsuyama Station and make a transfer at Iyotetsu Railway "JR Matsuyamaekimae line” all the way to Dogo Onsen Station.

Moreover, you can feel the ocean breeze at Shodo Island in Kagawa prefecture. Olive tree is the symbol of Shodo Island, which nurtured by the warm climate. How to reach Shodoshima (Tonosho Port)? Take the Shodoshima Ferry to arrive at Tonosho, then you can take a ride with Olive Bus for sightseeing (No need to extra payment). You will notice its significant white windmill with turning sails and olive trees are grown all over the island, how cool is that!

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