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Take a cruise down the Hozugawa river from Kameoka to Arashiyama and enjoy one of the most scenic river boat rides in Kyoto. Immerse in Kyoto's natural landscapes and catch the breathtaking views of the forested river banks, green valleys and small rapids on the river.

Dine in the middle of the river with “kawadoko”, a dining concept which involves eating next to or on top of a river. Since Kyoto can get quite hot in the summer, many local restaurants set up dining areas on top of the river to allow guests to enjoy their meal in a comfortable ambience with the natural coolness of the water and relaxing sound of the flowing river.

Ama are female free-divers known for collecting abalones and other marine products. For a long time, the ama hut has been a place for the divers to dry themselves between sessions. Now, it is a place for travellers to enjoy fresh seafood. The Ama Hut at Hachiman Kamado is one of the best spots to taste fresh BBQ seafood and enjoy cheerful conversation with the divers.

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