Hotel Monterey Co., Ltd

Hotel Monterey Group has completed its total hotel anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating.

Making a safe ,clean,and comfortable environment.
In all hotels of Hotel Monterey Group,
in order for guests to use the facilities in the hotels with more peace of mind,
we perform antiviral, antibacterial, deodorizing and antifungal coating using
"Air-Catalyst SELFEEL®" at areas used by guests.
Enjoy your stay in a clean, safe and secure space.

What is Air-Catalys SELFEEL®?
It is a 100% natural mineral, non-active, clear and odorless liquid. Just by spraying it on your walls or ceiling, it will react with oxygen and water particles in the air and eradicate the harmful materials that create those unpleasant odors. It displays great deodorizing, disinfecting, and anti-viral power.

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