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A must-experience when you’re in Oita. This one-of-a-kind onsen that boosts well-being and it’s right next to the sea. All you need to do is just strip into a summer kimono, lie down, get buried under the hot sand and just relax with your head poking out. 

Enjoy scenic views of Kumamoto in a Kumamon Wrapping Train. The entire train is wrapped in Kumamoto’s iconic mascot - Kumamon. There are 2 Kumomon trains and each wrapped in different, fun designs. If you’re lucky, you might get to meet Kumamon himself on the train too!

Deemed by some as one of the best places to experience local culture, you can certainly live with local families that offer farmstays here. By living under their roofs, you’ll experience the locals’ ways and their warmth. Let them give you a tour of their land.

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