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It’s a tiny and well-kept island filled with shrines, gardens, and caves. It is also categorized as a great place to soak up some sun, sea, and sky away from the urban jungle of Tokyo. On clear days, you might even stand a chance to see Mt. Fuji from the island! 

Known as the most famous of Nikko’s 48 waterfalls. There’s a special lift dedicated to carry all visitors to the basin and witness the force and roar of the water that falls 97 metres straight down to the rocks below. Besides, the waterfall looks particularly spectacular when surrounded by the fresh green leaves! 

An area with century-old traditional Japanese houses and shops that offer wide range of irresistible local treats. Specifically, it is popular for food and desserts made with sweet potato. Satsuma Imo (sweet potato in Japanese) has a rich texture and a gentle aroma that makes it visitor’s ideal choice as a sweet treat in Kawagoe!

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