JR Hokkaido

Kushiro Marsh Hosooka Observatory is the renowned tourist attraction for its beautiful sunset in Kushiro-shitsugen Wetland. Visitors often use the ridgeline of Mt. Oakandake and Mt. Meakandake as the backdrop for photo shooting. Besides, Kushiro River can be seen meandering through the Kushiro-shitsugen Wetland. It is said that majority would like to pay a visit at least once in their lifetime to witness this breath-taking scenery.

JR Kitahama Station is an unmanned train station in the South-Eastern of Abashiri city. This tiny little station consists of a waiting room and a café called Café Teishaba, and its only 50m away from the Sea of Okhotsk in Japan (making it the closest station to the Sea of Okhotsk in Japan). During winter season, the sea is covered with drift ice and Kitahama Station is the only object can be seen from a distance. This is where we can feel the power of mother nature.

Obihiro, situated at Hokkaido’s Tokachi region is famous for its agriculture and dairy farming. With quality productions of wheats, sugars, adzuki red beans, and dairy products, sweets shops are sprouting in Obihiro City and visitors get the chance to taste various flavours of sweets here! Take note pork meat lovers, “Butadon” is a highly recommended local porky dish that combines domestically produced pork, binchotan (high-grade charcoal) with sweet and salty sauce. Get ready to surprise your taste buds!

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