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Hi, I'm Arisa!

I’ll be visiting some must-see places in Kyushu and Okinawa. Best part is, you vote for the places you wish to go and I’ll get there!

Scenic nature, culture and gastronomical wonders of Fukuoka for a start.

I am now in Fukuoka and I just visited the amazing beach paradise, Sakurai Futamigaura during the sunset period and witness the wonderful view of ‘blue hour’. Right now, I am heading to Nakasu Yatai Street to try some local delicacies. I cannot wait to eat them all!

Besides of street gourmet, I am going to try Motsunabe for tomorrow dinner! Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of Japan’s most important Shinto shrines that have lasted for more than a thousand years, is also one of my destination and I wish that I am able to draw a “Excellent Fortune” there!! This trip is off to a great start!

Where you voted for previously!
Saga 39%
Nagasaki 31%
Oita 30%

Hi, I'm Arisa!

Saga is a great choice, and I know I will have some relaxing yet fun time here!

Experience beauty and be beautiful at Saga

I just arrived in Saga yesterday and I am pretty sure that Saga will not fail to amaze me in the next few days. The Ureshino Onsen really made me feel like the goddess of beauty. This hot spring water is truly magical for skin beauty and my skin looks like newborn baby right now! I am having my second dinner in Saga and I just couldn’t resist the sweetness of fresh Yobuko squid and the rich flavour of Takezaki crabs.

For a rich autumn experience, I am going to take a look at the fiery fall leaves at Mifuneyama Rakuen and I think it will be a wondrous treat for my eyes. The Yutoku Inari Shrine is another must-see spot because it’s one of the “Japan’s Three Major Inari Shrine”. I am thinking of getting a lucky charm for my career there!

Where you voted for previously!
Kumamoto 43%
Miyazaki 30%
Kagoshima 27%

Hey, I'm back!

The top destination you voted for in the last two weeks is Kumamoto. Smart choice and I am looking forward to have a great time here!

Traditional yet interestingly pleasant Kumamoto

Last time when I was in Kumamoto, I visited the Kumamoto castle. So, this time I’ve decided to spend more of my time at Kusanseri Plateau. I want to feel the natural wonder of the vast Greenland there. I must say that my visit to Suizenji Garden was a serene experience for me as I sip my time away with some traditional matcha.


Tonight, I am going to taste grilled horse meat. I am already drooling at the photos only! I couldn’t resist not having dessert, so I will also try Kumamoto’s traditional dessert – Ikinari Dango. Red bean paste and sweet potato wrapped in mochi! Before leaving, I will meet Kumamon at the Kumamon Square and hopefully I might get a chance to dance with him!

Where you voted for previously!
Foodie experience 45%
Relieving experience 25%
Scenic journey 30%

Hey, it's me again!

Finally I arrived at Okinawa – the last part of the trip! Great choice on choosing the foodie experience, guys! What a way to end my trip!

Non-stop food and walking. A gourmet lover’s haven!

I started by visiting the Makishi Public Market. It was an eye-opening experience as I see the real and old Okinawa atmosphere. Everything was fresh; there were seafood, meat and so much more. It felt like I was walking through a morning fresh market, but Okinawa style. I bought some seafood and I am waiting my meal to be cooked at the 2nd floor of the market.

Later I am heading to Kokusai-dori Street to experience the local street food culture. They said that the entire street is so busy that it’s buzzing with life throughout the night. Nearby Kokusai-dori Street, just a walking distance away, is Tsuboya Yachimun Street – it’s a street full of beautiful ceramics and pottery shops. Can’t wait to go there! I think I will get some pottery art for my friends as souvenir!

Did you know how this entire trip has been fascinating, intriguing, and relaxing for me? From traditional foods to magnificent views of different side of nature, the entire journey was a mix of fascination, curiosity, calmness and of course loads of fun. I hope you will make this trip soon to experience all these yourself!

Easily reached by land, sea and air, dynamic Kyushu is bubbling with energy, culture and activity.

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Must-see & experience

Intricate pottery, relaxing onsen and spectacular natural sights. Saga’s got it all

Saga’s onsens are also well-known for its soothing, skin-beautifying alkaline hot spring waters. Local food specialties such as the sweet and fresh Yobuko squids and richly flavoured Takezaki crabs will definitely make you drool. For more cultural visits and photographic experience, the Yutoku Inari Shrine is a great destination for its outstanding moutain view and traditional garden. Millions of visitors visit this shrine for good business and fortune too.



Must-see & experience

Nagasaki prospered beautifully and peacefully

Nagasaki, being known as one of the cities destroyed by atomic bomb, is now one of the places where you can find sign of peace everywhere. Places like Nagasaki Peace Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum were organized under the concept of world peace. Looking for a breath-taking night view of Nagasaki, head to Mt Inasa. Don’t forget to try on Sasebo burger, a local dish which born in America made with Sasebo local ingredients. If you’re into larger meals, try Shippoku cuisine that’s of mixed influence from other cultures. And while you’re in Nagasaki, don’t forget to visit the charming and beautiful Dutch town in Huis Ten Bosch for photo session.



Must-see & experience

Amazingly quaint but naturally-inviting Oita

Though regarded as a place famous for its amazing onsens, Oita has other interesting activities you can experience from. For one, you can gaze at virgin forest below you as you walk through the sky on a suspension bridge at Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi. It’s Japan’s highest suspension bridge. And for a relaxing time, you can head to Yufuin Onsen for an open-air hot spring bath to take in the view. 

There is Beppu Jigoku Meguri, a hot spring where you can only view but not bathe because it is regarded as a hell hot spring; temperatures are not ideal for soaking. But, there are lots of foot bath around each hell hot spring for you to get a relieving foot spa. If you want to have a hot spring bath, head to Yufuin Onsen for an open-air hot spring bath to take in the view and enjoy a relaxing time there.

Last but not least, for the adventurous soul, try Oita’s selection of fresh fugu fish prepared by certified chefs. Or you can always settle for crunchy toriten for a meal.



Must-see & experience

Where Japan’s ancient traditions are kept alive

One of the must-visit castle in whole of Japan is the Kumamoto castle. Its architecture will keep you in awe. The mighty castle has been protecting the city of Kumamoto since the Edo period. Experience vast emerald green grasslands at Kusasenri Plateau. It’s also a great location to gaze at the peak of Mount Aso. Sip traditional hand-whisked matcha as you look out to serene gardens at Suizenji Garden. Want to discover the fun side of Kumamoto? Fond of cute mascot? Meet the playful and charming Kumamon, Kumamoto’s famous official mascot. For the courageous foodie, you can try grilled horse fillet. To sweeten your tastebuds, take a bite of Ikinari Dango, Kumamoto’s traditional dessert.



Must-see & experience

Nature and wellness. Kagoshima makes it possible.

Kagoshima offers scenic and picturesque views for nature lovers. For one, Sakurajima, the most active volcano in Japan allows you to stroll peacefully along its lava field and gaze at its majestic peak. Another peak you might want to conquer is Mount Kaimon. It resembles the famous Mount Fuji. For more nature immersion, Yakushima is the place to discover more. Take a walk in the ancient forests with trees thought to be as old as 7,000 years there. And at Ibusuki Onsen, you can even try Japan’s unusual steamy sand baths for detoxification. Seeking for a craft beer and authentic shochu experience, visit Kirishima Factory Garden and try the exclusive shochu ice cream here. Lastly, end your gastronomical experience with the tasty Satsuma-age, deep fried fish paste.



Must-see & experience

Scenic coastal experiences of Miyazaki

Miyazaki has one of the warmest climates in Japan. It’s famous for its ocean-drives and beaches. Experience the enthralling coastal views when you board the JR Kyushu sightseeing train of Umisachi Yamasachi Limited Express. And for gorgeous view of the Takachiho Gorge, you can rent a boat and paddle at your own pace to take in the view. For an unusual view of the oceanic platform, don’t miss out the Oninosentakuita, Devil’s Washboard along the coastlines at Aoshima.

Last but not least, if you’re a wagyu fan, then you must savour literally the best wagyu in the world, the Miyazaki wagyu beef. Beside of that, the tasty Chicken Namban is also a must-try cuisine to all visitors to Miyazaki.

Foodie's Paradise in Okinawa

Must-see & experience

Experience the real Okinawan street food and drinks

When it comes to Okinawan food culture, the Makishi Public Market is a great place to experience the local delicacies of real Okinawa. Purchase the local produced meat, seafood, vegetables at the 1st floor and get them cooked by professional chef at the 2nd floor. For an even more local food stall experience, the Kokusai-dori Yatai Mura is a must-go.

Relish in delicious street foods from various food vendors there. Then, observe the everyday life of Okinawa etched in pottery at Tsuboya Yachimun Street. Experience its 300 years of history beautiful ceramics and potteries.

Seaside Relaxation in Okinawa

Must-see & experience

Explore and experience relaxing lifestyle at Okinawa seasides

Enjoy a cultural theme park and learn history about Ryukyu tradition at Ryukyu Mura Village. Admire the magical underwater world at Churaumi Aquarium and witness the largest fish, whale sharks swimming freely in the tank. Seeking for romantic and scenic view, head to Kouri Ocean Tower.

The view from the roof top observation area will be the most unforgettable memory of your Okinawa trip. Get to Senagajima Umikaji Terrace for a relaxing afternoon tea while watching the aircrafts landing and taking off.

Capture Picturesque Okinawa

Must-see & experience

Picturesque journey in Okinawa

Other than cultural experiences, Okinawa offers its own grandeur when it comes to scenic spots, spaces and natural beauty. Azama Sunsun beach gives you the view of the emerald green ocean as far as the eye can see. Manza Cape lets you enjoy the view of the ocean on a high cliff.

Experience scenic and historic limestone cave and its forest at the Valley of Gangala. You can also take an oceanic drive along the Kouri Bridge, the longest toll-free bridge that overlooks the ocean. Immerse in American culture in Okinawa at the Mihama American Village, the only place in Okinawa with a Ferris wheel!